Friday, March 9, 2012

Winding Down

As my time here in Kijabe is coming to a close, I've just been taking on whatever comes at me that day. Not many plans are being made anymore with John since we've finished all of our projects, so I've just been hanging out around Kijabe doing everyday things that aren't incredibly interesting to blog about. I'm already missing my family here and I haven't even left yet! Joyce and Sam have been asking me every day if I can extend my stay, or just live here forever. They say I'm turning more and more Kenyan each day, with the washing my clothes by hand, not having showered in a SHOWER for 2 months (using a water basin), using a hole in the ground as a toilet, starting to be late to everywhere I go, and not needing to lather myself in sunscreen every hour cracked them up, "Every wazungu that comes here is red! You're Kikuyu!" (which is a tribe here in Kenya).
I've had supper a few nights with some of my dad's residents that are staying here in Kijabe for a little while, and last night I took them to Mama Chiku's for dinner. They really enjoyed it and Joyce and Sam loved meeting some more friends from America. I forgot how overwhelming the amount of food served to you is when you first get here, but they definitely got overwhelmed, they said, "man, we wont have to eat for another 2 days" all I could do was laugh and say, "story of my life..." Joyce, Sam and Kim sure never let me get hungry.
Today I went with John down to Old Kijabe Town and Maai Mahiu to take seeds to the widows that we have previously taken food to, so that they can start planting their shambas for this year.

A brother of one of the widows

So, as my time here comes to a close I will just continue to take it easy around Kijabe. This was the last day of working with John  but I'll still see him a few times before I go. In fact, I got a call today from the matron of the Siyiapei Children's Home, Evelyn... and she says that there is a gift her family has made and I have to go there and claim it before I go to Nairobi. Of course, any excuse I can get to visit the kids again I'll take, I can't ever seem to stay away from them can I? John was with me when I got the call, so he opted to go on Sunday with me, we'll just take the Matatu and it'll just be a day trip.
Tomorrow Joyce is catering a huge wedding in a nearby town called Limuru. I'll be going with to help serve and see the wedding. Today has been filled with many preparations for the meals, speaking of which I'm being called to finish watching them chop up the fresh beef, so I'll have to go now! I hope everyone is doing well, and staying healthy and happy at home! Love and miss you all.


  1. Love it! Somehow you've turned into the meat slaughtering member of the family--are you sure you don't want to raise goats when you get home? Have fun in Siyiapei, one more time, and give everyone there my love and greetings. xo

  2. K, your writing and blogging is wonderful. You have a way with words that I think is great. I am so looking forward to having you home to hear more. At the same tiem I am glad you are there to hear you.