Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wedding Day

The African wedding is beautiful. Of course, it lasts all day... but it's full of dancing, singing, music, and tons of food! Which we were in charge of. We got to watch the ceremony, then all of a sudden we were serving food to hundreds of people, we served for probably about 2 hours straight. After that we had some time to relax, have some sodas, and watch more of the festivities. There's not much to be said about the wedding, but I'll share some photos. We didn't get any while we were serving since... well, we were too busy serving...

Sawa sawa! Iko sawa (translation: okay! its okay)

Before the food frenzy begins...
Fully outfitted

The rest of the crew
Joyce and Sam

My beautiful African mother and I :)

And that, is that.

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  1. Awesome! The pic with Joyce is the best!! Please let her know how much we appreciate her loving you as she has. My. I so wish I was there. I hope I will make it back one of these days . . .