Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Siyiapie... For The Real Last Time, I Think...

So once again, it was great to visit Siyiapei and reunite with some of the best kids in the world. Evelyn didn't tell them that I was coming, so it was a complete surprise for all of them to see me, which was pretty fun. I also enjoyed introducing John to everyone, and it was good that he came with because he's been looking to buy a car, and there's one on the dispensary compound that he saw which is for sale and he got in contact with the person who's selling it, so that's a possibility! And he also took a look at the water pump system at the Children's Home, and they took it apart to look at all the parts and learn how it works, and he's really excited because he took notes and is now able to build the same thing at his own house! He was really excited about that.
Evelyn and her sister then presented me with the gift that they made for me. It's a beautiful hand-made Maasai dress.
My dress, and Evelyn's Sister (the maker of the dress)
All of the designs on the dress are beads stitched into it. I was really grateful for this gift and they were so happy that I was able to go pick it up before I left. They all send their love to my whole family for everything we've done for them, especially to Oma and Opa who have provided the school fees for their nephew Eddie. They once again had tears in their eyes when telling me to pass their love on to you Oma and Opa, they said they wanted to make gifts for me to take to you, "but we don't know their sizes!" they are beyond grateful for what you guys have done. And I am too.

Anyway, while we were relaxing around the Children's Home, the rain began. And when it rains in Siyiapei, it REALLY rains. John and I decided to wait for the rain to pass, so that we didn't have to wait for a matatu in the pouring rain. So after hanging around for an hour, we ended up waiting for a matatu in the pouring rain. We realized we'd be there all night if we kept waiting for the weather to change. I didn't really mind though, for the past week we've had no rain again in Kijabe so it was nice (seeing as I love rain...) to be in it again.
John reviewing the pictures and notes about the water pump.

The old Siyiapian Mzee hiding from the rain

A sight I never used to believe I'd see

Evelyn's son


  1. What a lovely gift from Evelyn and her sisters! And so special to have it made especially for you. Thanks to John for traveling with you and I'm so glad you had another chance to get out there. xoxo