Friday, February 17, 2012

Mission Completed

Cleaning, this is how he's sat on this furniture for years
Enjoying the cushions
John and I finished our first project yesterday. The cement floors inside Peter's house were dry, so we were able to move all of his furniture back into his house. Aside from moving his things back in, I cleaned all of his furniture which clearly hadn't been cleaned in years. There were large amounts of cob webs and dust all over his couch, chairs, and table. Plus, I thought that the furniture should be cleaned for the new cushions being added to them! John and my friend from the tailoring shop finished making the cushion covers out of the fabrics we bought for Peter's house, so we got to add those to his couches and chairs. When Peter first walked into his house after we set it up, he raised his hand to his mouth and couldn't believe that this was where he was going to be living now. And it was great to see him take his first seat on the soft surface, can you imagine having a living room with wooden seats for 15 years? Especially being someone who has joint problems? He was so thankful, and he sends all of his thanks to everyone back at my home (meaning you!) and he hopes that none of us will ever forget him.
Cemented floors, furnished house, clean table
Today I'm taking a short weekend trip back out to Siyiapei. I couldn't officially say goodbye to the kids a couple weeks ago, I knew I had to visit them one more time. I'm so excited to see them again, and I'm excited to see Evelyn also, and Steve who works over at the Church. Tomorrow (Sunday) is Steve's birthday celebration. It will be held at the waterfalls close by, and it's put together by the youth group at the church. It will be really nice to spend one last weekend with the community of Siyiapei, who I've grown really close to. Saying goodbye for real this time will be hard, but I will make the best out of the time I have there.
This photo was taken a few weeks ago, during my last night spent with the kids, I just had to post it in excitement for the reunification :)

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  1. Great work on the house! I'm so excited for Peter, and so thankful you had a chance to help him out. I can't wait to hear about the weekend in Siyiapei, so let me know how it went! We love you!