Monday, February 20, 2012

Final Goodbyes, and Birthday Celebrations!

This blog will mostly be pictures, the things I did this weekend are better shared in photos rather than trying to write about it... Returning to Siyiapei once again was a wonderful weekend. I was beyond happy to see the children and Evelyn again, but saying goodbye is never easy... and it's even harder when you don't know whether or not you'll ever see these people again. I remember the first time I met these children in 2010, when I said goodbye I had this same feeling in my stomach, almost a sickening longing to be with them as soon as possible. Back then, I thought for sure I'd never see these kids again, but sure enough a year and a half later I was able to be with them, so who knows right? Maybe this wasn't the last time.

On Sunday, the birthday celebration for a friend named Steve took place. Steve works at the church across the highway from the Children's Home, and the whole party is put together by the youth, who I figured were these kids but apparently their youth start at age 17 and up, so I ended up meeting a lot of different people I'd never met since usually I was just with the kids from the Children's Home. So the celebrations weren't actually just for Steve alone, I think they do the party every month and they celebrate everyone's birthday that is that month. So it was Steve, a girl Celetto that I had met previously, then two more guys (can't remember the names). The party took place in the bush (aka the middle of nowhere). There was a waterfall and a very brown "swimming hole". They use the water to pour all over the lucky people who's birthday it is. There was cake, soda, cookies, oh and two goats that they slaughtered on the spot and roasted. It was a really fun time, they set up speakers, played music, and had some performers (unfortunately someone had my camera during the performances and none of the pictures turned out) actually the majority of the photos were taken by friends. I think that's all I have to write about, so here are the photos!
Setting Up

Watering the Birthday Guys & Girls

The cakes, that later ended up on the ground due to the table made of sticks

Enjoying the goat (really, it was good)

Declining the offer of the foot

Gnawing on the head

They wanted me to take part in the cake cutting/feeding

Happy Birthday Steve!

Cooling the Sodas


The parts I will never eat

This will be made into soup (yu-uuuu-um)

The site, speakers, and friends

The Falls

A good crowd
The photos posted out of order, but hopefully you've got an idea!

I will also add that today I worked with John for a little while, we did his monthly delivering of food to the widows in Old Kijabe Town and Maai Mahui. I re-visited with Veronica. For those of you who know her personally, she seems healthier than a few weeks ago, her new medications have been helping.
Packing Food

Ready to deliver

Veronica, me, and her donkeys

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  1. There are a lot of things I could say about this post, not the least of which is how proud I am of you! But, instead, I'll just say this: I am so relieved you found yourself a pair of high-top Converse, so you aren't digging in the dirt anymore wearing those worn out Tom's. Love you!