Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time is running out...

My time here in Kenya is really starting to close. It's amazing how fast it's happened and how real its starting to feel. I already miss things about Kenya, and I'm not even gone yet.
My final trip to Kijabe was amazing as usual. It was just really relaxing, spending time with friends and family was the perfect trip to take after being in the crazy city for some time.
Aside from this I've just been working, doing the things that I talked about in my last blog entry. There haven't been many blog-worthy events that have happened since my last blog. Or maybe there have been but it's just clear in my mind now that I'll be home in a week to share the stories with you personally.
The rain has finally hit Nairobi, and rain in the city is insane. Yesterday the streets flooded within a half hour of it raining. Its really good to have the wetness, but it's also good that the rain only lasts a short time because otherwise it would be a COMPLETE mess here if it continuously rained. It just started pouring outside as I am typing this, I do admit that I love hearing and smelling it. Its beautiful when it rains here.
Anyway, tomorrow is my last day of work because Thursday Gabi and Samara (the girls that belong to Mwix and Gideon) have a fashion show at their school and they really want me to go, then Friday and Monday are holidays for Easter, and of course I'll need Tuesday to pack. So tomorrow Nancy and I will go in to Kibera for one last visit.
That's pretty much all I have to report, I'm feeling very very bittersweet about leaving. Of course I'm excited to get home, see all of you, sleep in my bed, eat some onion rings and hamburgers, but at the same time it's really hard to leave a place and people that I love. I'm sure I'll be back, it's just a matter of when.

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  1. Lovely, Kristin. Seriously.
    I am looking forward to your return (both here at home, and to Kenya.)
    Thanks for sharing.